A.Preparatory actions

Action A.1: Technical planning (tender documents, permits).

Deliverable A.1: Report on the modification of the initial PFD (NTUA)

Deliverable A.2: Tender and Permit documents (Medochemie)

Deliverable A.3: Report on the preparatory actions-works in Medo B for system installation (Medochemie)

Action A.2: Detailed physico-chemical characterization of real effluents from the production plants.

Deliverable A.2.1: Physicochemical characterization of production plants effluents (NTUA)

B.Implementation actions

Action B.1: Final engineering drawings of the innovative demonstration (demo) system for the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater.

Deliverable B.1.2: Detailed enginnering drawingns (P & ID) of the prototype system  (NTUA)

Deliverable B.1.1: Report explaining the design procedure (NTUA)

Action B.2: Construction and installation of the prototype LIFE PHARMA DETOX.

Deliverable B.2.1: Technical report explaining the costs of the prototype (NTUA)

ACTION B.3: Operation, optimization and demonstration of the innovative system.

Deliverable B.3.4: Technical report on the production, storage, use of Hydrogen by the hydrogen production-energy system (AU)

Deliverable B.3.1: Operating and maintenance manual of Pharma-Detox system in English and Greek (NTUA)

Deliverable B.3.2: Technical report on the operation and optimization of demo plant (NTUA)

Deliverable B.3.3: Technical report on the quality of treated water (Medochemie)

ACTION B.4: Replicability and transferability of the project.

Deliverable B.4.2: Technical report on the 2nd phase of demonstration activities (Medochemie)

Deliverable B.4.1: Report on replicability and transferability potential of the project (NTUA)

Deliverable B.4.3: Report on the technical and econoimic feasibility of system-Greek and Italian replication studies (NTUA)

ACTION B.5: Business plan and market exploitation.

Deliverable B.5.4: Preliminary/draft business plan (NEVIS)

Deliverable B.5.3: Policy review and recommendations (NEVIS)

Deliverable B.5.1: Business Plan/Investment Memorandum (including pitch presentation) (NEVIS)

Deliverable B.5.2: Market exploitation report (NEVIS)

C.Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

ACTION C.1: Monitoring Protocol and Baseline monitoring.

Deliverable C.1.1: Monitoring Protocol (NTUA)

Deliverable C.1.2: Report on the current state (NTUA)

Deliverable C.1.3: Sampling and analysis protocol to monitor the project environmental impact (NTUA)

Deliverable C.1.4: Update of KPIs every six months (NTUA)

ACTION C.2: Monitoring the process performance.

Deliverable C.2.1: Report on the monitoring of the system performance-to be upadated every six months (NTUA)

Deliverable C.2.2: Laboratory analyses-to be updated every six months (NTUA)

ACTION C.3: Monitoring the environmental impact of the project-Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the demo system.

Deliverable C.3.2: Report on LCA results (2nd demonstration site) (UNICT)

Deliverable C.3.1: Report on LCA results (1st demonstration site) (UNICT)

ACTION C.4: Monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project.

Deliverable C.4.1: Report on the socio-economic impact (UNICT)

D.Public awareness and dissemination of results

ACTION D.1: Information and awareness raising activities.

Deliverable D.1.1: 3 videos (one with focus on technical, one on business and one on

environmental issues addressed by the demonstration) (NEVIS)

Deliverable D.1.2: Laymans’ report (NEVIS)

Deliverable D.1.3: Photos from installed notice boards at the Medochemie and partners premises (NEVIS)

Deliverable D.1.4: Website and social media accounts (NEVIS)

Deliverable D.1.5: Other dissemination material (leaflets, banners, etc) (NEVIS)

Deliverable D.1.6: After Life Communication plan (NEVIS)

ACTION D.2: Development of Dissemination Plan and Tools.

Deliverable D.2.3: Proceedings of the International Conference (Medochemie)

Deliverable D.2.1: Policy factsheets (NEVIS)

Deliverable D.2.2: Minutes of site visits and training sessions (NEVIS)

Action D.3: Networking with other projects.

Deliverable D.3.1: Minutes of workshops (NEVIS)

Deliverable D.3.2: Report with the main conlusions of workshops (NEVIS)

E.Project Management and monitoring of the project progress

ACTION E.1: Project management by Medochemie.

Deliverable E.1.2: Minutes project meetings (NEVIS)

Deliverable E.1.1: Guidelines for Green Procurement practices (NEVIS)

Deliverable E.1.3: External audit of the coordinating beneficiary