A.1.1: Report on the modification of the initial PFD

A.2.2: Physicochemical characterization of production plants effluents

A.3.1: Report on the preparatory actions-works in Medo B for system installation

B.1.1: Report explaining the design procedure

B.1.2: Detailed enginnering drawingns

B.2.1: Technical report explaining the costs of the prototype

B.3.1: Operating and maintenance manual of Pharma-Detox system in English and Greek

B.3.2: Technical report on the operation and optimization of demo plant

B.3.3: Technical report on the quality of treated water

B.3.4: Technical report on the production, storage, use of Hydrogen by the hydrogen production-energy system

B.4.1: Report on replicability and transferability potential of the project

B.4.2: Technical report on the 2nd phase of demonstration activities

B.4.3: Report on the technical and econoimic feasibility of system-Greek and Italian replication studies

B.5.1 Business PlanInvestment Memorandum (including pitch presentation)

B.5.2 Market exploitation report

B.5.3: Policy review and recommendations

B.5.4 Preliminarydraft business plan

C.1.3: Sampling and analysis protocol to monitor the project environmental impact

C.1.4: Update of KPIs every six months

C.2.1: Report on the monitoring of the system performance-to be upadated every six months

C.2.2: Laboratory analyses-to be updated every six months

C.3.1: Report on LCA results (1st demonstration site)

C.3.2: Report on LCA results (2nd demonstration site)

C.4.1: Report on the socio-economic impac

D.1.1 3 videos (one with focus on technical, one on business and one on environmental issues addressed by the demonstration)

D.1.2 Laymans_ report

D.1.3 Photos from installed notice boards at the Medochemie and partners premises

D.1.4 Website and social media accounts

D.1.5 Other dissemination material (leaflets, banners, etc)

D.1.6 After Life Communication plan

D.2.1 Policy factsheets

D.2.2 Minutes of site visits and training sessions

D.2.3: Proceedings of the International Conference

D.3.1 Minutes of workshops

D.3.2 Report with the main conlusions of workshops

E.1.1 Guidelines for Green Procurement practices

E.1.2 Minutes project meetings

E.1.3: External audit of the coordinating beneficiary