AFRIALLIANCE This project aims in preparing Africa for future Climate Change challenges.
AGROWETLANDS II This project tests a management system to reduce water and soil salinisation in agricultural wetland ecosystems.
ANEMONE Antibiofouling Nanopatterned Electrospun Membranes for Nanofiltration Applications.
AQUALITY Interdisciplinar cross-sectoral approach to effectively remove contaminants from water.
AQUANES The AquaNES project made innovations in water and wastewater treatment management.
AQUAPORIN The Aquaporin RO membranes will get into the seawater desalination in the near future.
AQUARES AQUARES will achieve efficient water management through water reuse and secure the protection of water bodies.
EERES4WATER The project will promote the direct use of renewable energy sources.
HIDAQUA Demonstration of a sustainable water management approach in high water-demanding industries.
INDIA-H20 This project will demonstrate novel batch-reverse osmosis technology for water treatment.
INNOQUA Sustainable solution for ‘zero’ wastewater production with the complete re-use of wastewater.
ION4RAW This project allows mining and mineral processing companies to exploit by-product potential.
LIFE AMIA LIFE AMIA aims to re-use wastewater in agricultural irrigation.
LIFE DREAMER This project will demonstrate a highly resource-efficient desalination system using reverse osmosis.
LIFEGREEN SEWER Use of RO and AnMBR with ultrafiltration membranes.
LIFE IBATHWATER Reduction in pollution levels in water bodies located near urban centers.
LIFE INFUSION Treatment of wastewater resulting from the treatment of OFMSW.
LIFE PHOENIX This new treatment will increase removal of organic matter, solids and pathogens using high-efficiency settling, filtration, flotation and biological technologies.
LIFE SOLIEVA Treatment of brine from processed table olives. Recovering of valuable by-products, like salt.
LIFE ZERO WASTEWATER Demonstration of an innovative WWTP solution for the integrated management of urban wastewater and the OFMSW.
LIFE-DESIROWS Groundwater desalination and denitrification for sustainable irrigation: net zero waste and energy.
LIFE-QONQUER Innovative water reclamation process based on the use of Nanofiltration.
MADFORWATER Enhancement of wastewater treatment, reuse for irrigation and water efficiency in agriculture.
MUSICA This project will provide- among others- a desalination unit providing 1000 m3 fresh water for a water-stressed island.
NANOWIN Nanofiltration applied to rejected water recovery in brewery industry.
NEXTGEN Circular economy solutions for resource use in the water sector.
PROJECT O Low cost technologies easily retrofitted into any water management infrastructure.
PureAgroH2O LIFE PureAgroH2O project aims to build a water purifier to clean effluents  from the fruit industry.
REVIVED WATER The project will establish electrodialysis (ED) to provide drinking water, using less energy required by RO plants.
SEA4VALUE Multi-mineral modular brine mining process for the recovery of minerals from brines.
SEARCULARMINE This project will take the brine to develop and integrate innovative technologies within a circular procedure.
SELSA Selective salt elimination and valorization for sustainable water and facility management in the steel industry.
SLIM Researchers have developed software and technology to help small-scale mining operations make targeted rock blasting with minimal effort and impact on the environment.
SMART-PLANT The project proved the feasibility of circular management of urban wastewater through LCA approach.
SUNAQUA18 Sustainable Desalination System.
SUWANU EUROPE The project is focused on the reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture.
SWAG Solar desalination of seawater through solar-induced evaporation followed by condensation of the vapor generated.
ULTIMATE This project will recover, treat and re-use industrial and municipal water.
USEFUL WASTES Innovative technology that allows the complete reutilization of brines from reverse osmosis.

(Water to Water)

Desalination system that uses renewable energy and provides clean water from salty water.
PHARM DEGRATE Degradation of pharmaceuticals in wastewaters from nursing homes and hospitals
IMPETUS Reducing pharmaceutical compounds from urban wastewater treatment plants.